Our Policies


Return/Exchange Of Goods And Services Cancellation Of Orders

  • The product will not be returned once it is used and opened by the customer.
  • Cancellation of order is possible, if the product hasn’t been delivered to customer.



Standard Delivery Times Of Goods And Services

  • Product will be delivered to customers on a same day within the city boundaries, while outside Faisalabad the delivery of product may take 2 to 3 business days.
  • Special overnight delivery charges will apply in case of emergency delivery of product is requested by the customer.



Refunds and Refund policies

  • If wrong product has been delivered to customer that was not ordered by customer, then it can be returned by customer within 30 days or else return will not be accepted by seller.



Privacy Policy

  • Customer data and information will be kept confidential. It is against the rules of company to share personal information of valued customers i.e. name, contact number, address etc. with others.